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Winter Newsletter 2017

All Saints Church, Lockerbie
Winter Newsletter 2017
Christmas Services
Sunday 17th December – 11.15 Service of Lessons & Carols
Sunday 24th December – Christmas Eve – 11.15 said Eucharist
– 6pm – Sung Eucharist – our principal service of the day followed by refreshments
Monday 25th December – Christmas Day – 08.15 said Eucharist.

A message from Rev John Macleod
One way or another it’s been quite a busy year. We’ve had three visits from different classes in Lockerbie Primary School, organised through the contacts which Maggie Macleod has established in visits to the School. Maggie prepared quizzes and activities for the children to do as they learnt something about the church & Christian Worship & I think it’s fair to say that they had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Maggie hosted these events assisted by members of the congregation.
In our worship life, our Thursday (4pm) afternoon service of Evening Prayer with Holy Communion continues with its loyal band of adherents. It is a quiet space during the week when we come together to worship God in the church room and of course, all are welcome to come and join us. It should also be noted that our Taize services have now taken place on six occasions this year, the pattern being established on the basis of the second Thursday of the month at 7pm. A great deal of work goes into these events and our thanks to Maggie and Kath for organising & leading this worship. It is also worth observing that these events attract a wide attendance from across the churches in Lockerbie & beyond. Good outreach.

One of the most noteable successes of the year has been the impact of our Website, run by our webmaster (mistress?) Kath Leadbeater. How do you judge success? By looking at the website, by seeing that it is kept up to date with current material, by noting the number of visitors that there have been and when Kath updates us with the figures we can see that we do actually get a remarkable number of “hits” for such a small congregation. This is serious outreach, people read the prayers, listen to the sermons (!) – we don’t know who they are or where they come from, but for them, I daresay that this website of All Saints Church, Lockerbie speaks to them of God. It is very important that it is maintained & grown but it can be a lonely job for Kath, she needs help with material which can be put on the website – it doesn’t have to be religious, what did you do on your holidays, do you have a hobby or pastime that you can write a note about? Do you write poetry? What was the last book you read? Do you have photos suitable for publishing? Yes, do you have a favourite prayer – if so tell Kath & do a wee note saying why you like it.
I think our website is outstanding, please help Kath to keep it like that.

Back in August, we held a joint Vestry / Outreach Team meeting out of which came various proposals for the use of our church. Included in this was a Coffee morning once a month to be called Elevenses at 10.30 – 11.30 simply as a place & time for people in our vicinity to drop in for a coffee & a bit of company for a while on the last Thursday of the month. Bill & Hilary Carmichael suggested we invite the Dryfe Singers along to give a (participative) concert of songs and this is diarised for Shrove Tuesday next, being 13th February 2018. Lynne Prhal suggested we might get “A Taste of Country” – a group of entertainers from Thornhill to come & put on an evening and it is hoped we can organise this for next year in due course. We had intended to hold a Christmas Crafty Fair in the church as well as set up a stall on the High Street for the Lockerbie Christmas Fair but the injuries of the organiser prevented that happening.

Is that John in the wilderness or outreaching?

Thanks also to Lynne Prhal for suggesting, organising & publicising the dramatic rendition of the Gospel of Mark on 25th November. This was a major event for All Saints and a great success. It is good that our church should be used for suitable events which might be broadly attractive to the community in which we live.
Having removed our pews and replaced them with very comfortable chairs in 2016, we have obtained some additional lighter chairs which we can use when attendance requires. It is important to renew and refresh our premises for ourselves and for the next generation.

There are other people who should be thanked on behalf of the congregation for their constancy throughout the year, Peter & Pat Clark for their wonderful organ playing which so enlivens our services, the ladies who so regularly adorn our Church with their splendid flower displays, those who contribute to our worship in leading intercessions, reading the Lessons, welcoming people at the door, preparing the coffee before the service begins, all so important to our life as a congregation. Thank you also to those who silently fill our box for donations the Salvation Army foodbank, and to Ron Ritchie who delivers our donations to them, who ensures that our potted plants at the front of the church are properly cared for, and whose excellent marmalade is always available and so tasty. And to Ron himself for all he does to keep All Saints, in and out, spick and span. Let me also record a special mention for our Wardens, David Rose & Ian Stewart who have so assiduously cared for All Saints over the years, giving their time, energy and very considerable abilities across the whole spectrum of church life, cheerfully and without demur. Their kindly support is and has always been
I would also like to say a special thanks to our Rector, the Rev’d Martin Callaghan for all the guidance and love which he has shown to me. He has been a constant and trusted colleague when times have been tough, a good companion when the going has been good and at all times a most gracious priest and spiritual help.
This will be our last Christmas with you as I come to retire. On behalf of both of us, I would like to say thank you to you all for the welcome you gave us in 2012 and for all the care and love with which you have looked after us in the intervening time. And, most importantly, for your prayers. We have had a wonderful time in All Saints and we will miss the Church and Lockerbie more that we can adequately say. So God bless you all and may He strengthen and encourage you for service in this place, in a continuation of the wonderful pastoral care which you give to one another and to those who are not of our church, may the Holy Spirit be with you to lead and guide you into the future which He has for you.
John & Maggie Macleod

Rev’d John Macleod
Associate Priest, The Annandale Group

Christmas Newsletter 2016

Christmas Newsletter 2016



“And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in bands of cloth and laid him in a manger.” St. Luke 2:7

Review Dates for the Diary

On September 24th We held our first ‘Gift Day’ what a wonderful success. Coffee and tea was serves.   Thank you so much for your generosity It was great to see so many friends, also a big thanks to ‘the tea and coffee people’

‘Bring a Friend’ Sunday on the 25th September lovely to see friends and have a chat and refreshments.

Thursday the 13th October saw us using the Church in totally different way now we have the freedom to move the chair about we made a CATWALK for a ‘Red Cross Fashion Show’ It was a great evening, raising money for All Saint’s and for the Red Cross. Many thanks to everyone both models and (again) the tea and coffee people, and a great big thank you to Lynn for all her hard work together with the Red Cross for putting it all together.

Saturday 29th October was a magnificent evening of Shakespearean drama. There are lots of photos on the post click here. We are grateful to Maggie Macleod for organising this memorable evening.

Sunday 13th November Remembrance Sunday. All over the country people gather together to honour all those who have died in conflict. Our service was led by Rev. John Macleod Malcolm Bell MacDonald laid a wreath at the alter. The last post echoed in the church as we all stood in silence. The most moving moment was the reading out of the names of the of the fallen from Lockerbie, just hearing the names made these men real in a way reading the names on the plaque above the lectern never had for me.

Saturday 19th November, ‘The tuning on of the Christmas lights.’  Lockerbie main street was closed from 1pm to 6pm. There were stalls selling all kids of Christmas fayre lining the street. All Saint’s Had a stall selling Christmas decorated logs, Christmas Cards, Knitted Hats, and of course our very own ‘Marmalade’, Warm Mulled Apple Juice was served, and very nice it was too. We also had a ‘treasure hunt’ game based on a map of Lockerbie, which was very popular. Photos on the post andy Gallery.

Dates for the Diary

November Maggie Macleod goes off to a season of panto (oh yes she does) in Hamilton and Rutherglen

Sunday 27th November. 1st Sunday in Advent. All Saint’s AGM following a shortened Morning Service. This is where you elect your Church officials and vestry members. We also get to see our Annual Accounts and give Ian the chance to tell us how we are doing! If you would consider joining the vestry, please mention it to the Church wardens or John.

Sunday 18th December Nine lessons and Carols 11.15am

Sunday 24th December 6pm Christmas Eve – Eucharist with Carols, mince pies and mulled wine/soft drinks. Please bring alone your friends/family and neighbours for some early Christmas cheer.

Sunday 25th December. Christmas Day – Celebration of Said Eucharist at 8.15am.4



I took over the running of All Saints website almost a year ago, and what a year that has been.  I think the modern term is “Learning Curve” Although I have my own website it isn’t WordPress, which almost made it a little harder. Having to relearn things is never easy, but I was not going to give in.

I have to say I did have some help, I have one of those things they call SON!  Robert is my youngest son and has been an enormous help both with the mechanics of the website and with the photography, refusing to do it for me but pointing me in the right direction. Thank you Robert x. I am sure it is always going to be a work in progress.

If there is anything you would like to see on the site, please let me know. I can’t promise, but we will see what we can do.

Kath Leadbeater

Autumn Newsletter

All Saints Church, Lockerbie

Autumn Newsletter

With a busy autumn coming in our Church we need to take stock and plan for all the events and happenings in front of us.

We are facing reduced numbers in church mainly resulting from members sadly dying, moving to care homes, leaving the area or attending church more infrequently. We are not on our own and most churches are seeing decline in attendance. The Annandale Group of Episcopal Churches is currently discussing how we face up to these challenges, what steps can be taken to arrest these trends. Finance is an increasing problem for the Group and whilst some Group Churches have reserves to weather the storm, some do not.

We have completed one of the major elements of our Mission Action Plan with the removal of the church pews and development of a more flexible church building. We now have the opportunity to hold a variety of events and this Newsletter brings forward details of those this Autumn.

Hamilton Church members will be visiting Lockerbie on Sunday 28th August. They intend to arrive around 1pm and visit Lockerbie town and its surroundings. Whilst here, we will provide a BBQ (they are bringing their own food) and as usual, Ian and David will perform their culinary skills. Hopefully we will get a dry day.

Saturday 24th September will be a very important GIFT DAY. This replaces our annual Coffee Morning in the Town Hall. We realised that many people were spending considerable sums putting together their stalls, purchasing bottles, buying ingredients for baking, purchasing raffle tickets and prizes. We hope therefore that we will instead give similar amounts to that which we had been spending directly to the Church Gift Day. Please come along on Saturday 24th between 11am and 1pm, have a coffee/cup of tea and a chat and make your donation to the Church.

Bring a Friend Sunday on the 25th September gives us an opportunity to welcome someone you know to our form of worship possibly from another ‘church’ or new to the area. We will be making a special effort to welcome guests and guide them carefully through our liturgy. Refreshments will be served after the Service.

Thursday 13th of October sees us modifying the church to provide a catwalk for a Red Cross Fashion Show. The evening event should be great fun and provide funds for our Church and other important causes.

Lynne Prhal is organising this event along with Red Cross staff from Lockerbie. Models of all kinds and helpers are sought to make this a great success. In particular we need to sell tickets to friends and others to ensure a good audience.

Saturday 29th October at 7pm sees us with an evening of Shakespearean drama. Maggie Macleod and other volunteers will read, recite, act and perform a host of parts. Musicians and budding bards needed please contact Maggie. It will all be great fun though no doubt tragic and hilarious. Almost certainly there will be props and bits of costume.

Following the Shakespeare evening Maggie goes off to a season of panto in Hamilton and Rutherglen. We hope to organise a group from All Saints to go and see her in the pantomime. News of this later.

All Saints are setting up a stall at the ‘turning on of Christmas lights’ in Lockerbie on Saturday 19th November. We will be selling a variety of items including Christmas logs.

David Rose