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15th Sunday after Trinity
14th Sunday after Trinity
13th Sunday After Trinity
12th Sunday after Trinity
11th Sunday after Trinity
10th Sunday after Trinity
Seventh Sunday after Trinity
Sixth Sunday After Trinity
Fifth Sunday after Trinity
Fourth Sunday After Trinity
Third Sunday After Trinity
Environment Sunday
Trinity Sunday
Pentecost Sunday
Seventh Sunday After Easter
Thursday Evening Service
The Fifth Sunday of Easter
Fourth Sunday of Easter
The Third Sunday of Easter
The Second Sunday of Easter
Easter Service
Good Friday Service

Maundy Thursday Service
Palm Sunday
Lent Study – Week 6
The Fifth Sunday of Lent
The Mothering Sunday – The Fourth Sunday of Lent
Lent Talk
The Third Sunday of Lent

The World Day of Prayer

The Second Sunday of Lent

Ash Wednesday Service
The Sunday next before Lent
Eco-meditation – The Sacramentality of Creation
The Fifth Sunday after Epiphany

The Fourth Sunday After Epiphany

The Third Sunday After Epiphany

The Second Sunday After Epiphany
The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord
The First Sunday of Christmas
Christmas Eve Service
The Fourth Sunday of Advent