the gospel of MARK

 Saturday  25th November at 7.30pm

There is no charge. All Welcome


a dramatic retelling of the complete Gospel of Mark


‘Absolutely brilliant!’  ‘Stunning!’  ‘Mesmerising!’

‘An extraordinary experience!’  ‘I didn’t want it to end!’


A traveller arrives to tell the story of a peasant carpenter, preacher and

miracle-worker whose dynamic presence touches the lives of all who meet him

…with the most astonishing twist-in-the-tale the world has ever seen.


‘I never describe anything as awesome, but tonight I saw

two men give a properly awesome performance of The Gospel of Mark.

It was incredibly captivating.’


There is joy and sorrow, comedy and poignancy as, one after another,

Mark’s fast-moving narrative brings the characters to life.

The drama is underscored throughout by live music.

‘I don’t read the Bible, I can’t get my head round it. but this was awesome!’

‘Profoundly moving.’  ‘You have re-awakened something in me.’


Following a short interval we begin the journey to Jerusalem and the cross.

There is an invitation to share bread and wine before the startling discovery

of the empty tomb…


‘Truly inspirational. You brought us so many insights into the

life and teaching of Christ.’  ‘We were on Holy Ground.’

devised & performed by Rev’d Ian Birkinshaw

with original music by Peter Birkinshaw


A traveller arrives with an extraordinary story to tell…

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